Partnering organisations

Partnering organisations

Delft University of Technology is the largest and most comprehensive university of engineering sciences in The Netherlands. Active at the forefront of technological development, it contributes to scientific advancement in the interests of society by developing technologies for future generations with an emphasis on sustainability, safety and economic vitality.  

École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne. With more than 300 laboratories and research groups on campus, EPFL is one of the Europe's most innovative and productive technology institutes. At EPFL, the emphasis is on both theoretical and applied research.  

Elettra - Sincrotrone Trieste is an international multidisciplinary laboratory specialized in synchrotron radiation and its use in the science of matter. It is located in Basovizza on the outskirts of Trieste and is operated by Elettra – Sincrotrone Trieste S.C.p.A. as a user facility. The laboratory features a 2.4 GeV, third-generation synchrotron radiation source, also named Elettra, and a fourth-generation light source based on a free-electron laser, FERMI@Elettra.

Imperial College London is one of the world's most prestigious university colleges. Imperial’s research and teaching are organised within a network of faculties and academic departments. The Imperial College London entity to be involved in the project is Department of Materials along with the Imperial section of London Centre for Nanotechnology. The Department of Materials is one of the world's leading research entities in the field; its success is based on the outstanding academic and research staff achievements.


Organisation of international conferences and workshops on topics related to the field of environmental sciences and novel nanomaterials. More


The experienced researchers will be recruited and employed to increase knowledge in research themes related to environmental sciences and novel nanomaterials. More

Networking for innovation

Industrial Liaison Office at the University of Nova Gorica

The objective of this work package is to enhance the efforts of the University of Nova Gorica in establishing links with the socioeconomic environment and industry in the region, with the institutions of the European Union, National and local government, different agencies, networks and the collective organisations of the industrial sector and creating conditions for the development of knowledge based clusters. More

The second consecutive year exceptional results of the University of Nova Gorica at the Global U-Multirank 2016 University Rankings

On 3 December, 2015, the University of Nova Gorica hosted the Ambassador of Germany in Slovenia, her Excellency Dr. Anna Elisabeth Prinz. Link>>

The Highest State Awards in the Field of Scientific-Research and Science Development Activities have been Conferred

On Friday, 20 November, 2015, Zois’s awards, the Ambassador of Science awards, and the Puh awards have been conferred to the select group of researches at the Auditorium in Portorož. Link>>