Measurements, an art exhibition by Vanja Mervič, Narvika Bovcon, and Aleš Vaupotič in Ljubljana

Galerija Društva likovnih umetnikov Ljubljana (DLUL), Breg 22, Ljubljana, 28 May–7 June 2015, opening 28 May at 7 PM.
Opening times: Monday closed; Tuesday-Friday 16h–20h; Saturday-Sunday 10h–14h.

Video and digital prints by Vanja Mervič have won an award at the Majski salon 2015 - Air

The video and digital prints created using the SUNGREEN scanning electron microscope at the Microscopy and Spectroscopy Centre in Ajdovščina has won an award at this year's Majski salon, which takes place from 18 May till 11 June 2015 in Lokarjeva galerija in Ajdovščina (Prešernova cesta 15). The exhibition of the award winning works will open in Vienna, in the Slovenian cultural centre Korotan, on 18 July 2015. Link>>

Title: Blowing bubbles on a micro scale

The image of CuCl made with SEM at the UNG receiwed an Award of Distinction at the Majski salon 2014

The image of CuCl made with SEM at the UNG receiwed an Award of Distinction at the Majski salon 2014 (Ljubljana)

The image was created in collaboratin between visual artists Narvika Bovcon and Aleš Vaupotic, SEM operator doc. dr. Mattia Fanetti, sample preparation doc. dr. Saim Emin. Thanks to prof. dr. Matjaž Valant and the SUNGREEN project.

Press release (in Slovene) >>


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