The SUNGREEN project – Strengthening University of Nova Gorica Research Potential in Environmental Sciences and Novel Nanomaterials

European Grant, 7FP RegPot, 2011-2015

Keywords: Environmental Sciences, Nanomaterials, Research Potential

The SUNGREEN project seeks to reinforce the University of Nova Gorica, strengthening its innovative approach to research and development of new knowledge in environmental science and novel nano-structured materials. The reinforcement will be realized through establishment of strategic partnerships with European research and development centres, recruitment of experienced researchers, acquisition of state-of-the-art research infrastructure, enhancement of the University of Nova Gorica visibility and its collaboration with different stakeholders in the region.

The University of Nova Gorica prides itself on its excellent environmental science reputation, the result of an integration of a number of disciplines: physics, chemistry, biology, material sciences and computational sciences. The main objective of the project is to strengthen the University's research potential, its knowledge and research equipment. The project will enhance the capacity of the University of Nova Gorica to successfully participate in research activities at the European Union level.

The project will provide paths for an industrial uptake of new environmental technologies and will contribute to knowledge based economy as well as to a cleaner environment. A know-how transfer will enable industries in the region to produce innovative new products with a strong added value. By implementing the project, the University of Nova Gorica will establish partnerships that will enable an economically sustainable research both at university level and in collaboration with the network of partnering organisations.

Key SUNGREEN-project work packages:

  • Exchange of know-how – the integration of the University of Nova Gorica in the European Research Area. The researchers will be able to visit most prestigious laboratories at the European research institutions in the field of environmental sciences and nanomaterials, and to host researchers from these research institutions to share know-how and plan common research activities;
  • Recruitment of experienced researchers in the fields of synthesis of nanomaterials, structural characterisation and spectroscopy applied to nanomaterials for environment and energy;
  • Upgrading of research equipment – scanning and transmission electron microscopes (SEM, TEM)
  • Networking for innovation – establishing links with regional socioeconomic environment and industry, European Union institutions, national and local government, different agencies, networks and the industrial sector;
  • Organisation of conferences and workshops in the field of environmental sciences and nanomaterials, and participation at international conferences and workshops so as to increase the scientific collaboration of the University of Nova Gorica with European researchers.

(The project brochure is available online here.)


Organisation of international conferences and workshops on topics related to the field of environmental sciences and novel nanomaterials. More


The experienced researchers will be recruited and employed to increase knowledge in research themes related to environmental sciences and novel nanomaterials. More

Networking for innovation

Industrial Liaison Office at the University of Nova Gorica

The objective of this work package is to enhance the efforts of the University of Nova Gorica in establishing links with the socioeconomic environment and industry in the region, with the institutions of the European Union, National and local government, different agencies, networks and the collective organisations of the industrial sector and creating conditions for the development of knowledge based clusters. More

The second consecutive year exceptional results of the University of Nova Gorica at the Global U-Multirank 2016 University Rankings

On 3 December, 2015, the University of Nova Gorica hosted the Ambassador of Germany in Slovenia, her Excellency Dr. Anna Elisabeth Prinz. Link>>

The Highest State Awards in the Field of Scientific-Research and Science Development Activities have been Conferred

On Friday, 20 November, 2015, Zois’s awards, the Ambassador of Science awards, and the Puh awards have been conferred to the select group of researches at the Auditorium in Portorož. Link>>